The group project had a simple brief: create a product to help improve the general health of the UK populace.
Core considerations:
1. Firmness - How is it built?
2. Accommodation - How does it enable users?
3. Delight - Can it bring joy to users?
The result is a device to help users and medical professionals be more efficient and effective by monitoring aspects of general health over time.
The Health Box serves to help users and medical professionals be more efficient and proactive with their wellbeing. A ‘smart’ unit inside can gather general health data (like weight and body fat percentage) and oral health data (like early indicators of decay and poor diet). The data is then sent to a database for easy access by medical professionals.
Some aspects of the product will be pre-fabricated, and others made on site. The doors will be automatic, utilising motors and pins embedded in the roof and floor to rotate. For outdoor settings, solar panels in the roof will provide the necessary power for the product.

A product can best inspire willing and repetitive use through Delight. A Mondrian approach to colour provides this. The purity and immediate affinity people have with the three Primary colours (and non-colours), as well as the energetic relationship caused by the juxtaposition of the three help to create a sense of delight and spontaneity.
The proportions of these coloured rectangles are identical to the proportions of a common A4 piece of paper. This immediately recognizable, though perhaps not consciously perceived, shape helps pedestrians feel more at ease with what could otherwise be an imposing structure.

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