An attempt to make eating at corporate events a more pleasant and delightful experience.
Two reusable products came out of this brief:
1. A more structured plate
2. A one-handed solution for food and drink
Core Considerations
1. Caterers making inappropriate food (too big or too complicated)
2. Cumbersome food and drink containers
3. Environmental irresponsibility from disposable solutions
This plate encourages caterers to make appropriately sized food. Additionally, the plate holder helps to stabilize the individual dishes, reducing spills in a fun way. Finally, when placed on a surface the holder effectively melts away, raising the dishes and encouraging further interaction.
This cup acknowledges the idea that food at corporate events is a symbolic bread-breaking rather than a source of sustenance. This cup also encourages the use of one hand, leaving the other for non-eating related activities. Small, pre-prepared dishes and snacks can be enjoyed from the base. With a twist, the top glass section can be removed to drink.

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