A 10-day group project in collaboration with architecture students to design a dwelling for a person with a physical impairment, specifically, short stature.
Core Considerations
1. Physical height-related difficulties
2. Social stigmas and stereotypes
The solution is to democratize height by creating an overabundance of elevations for users. This avoids making any person feel targeted by allowing every person of every height their own elevation.
The desk employs this idea of democratization of height by utilizing various heights across the table-top. Additionally, it serves as a ‘jewel’ or ‘landmark’ within the dwelling that draws people in and encourages exploration and interaction.
The 2.50 meter sink serves as a monolithic water feature that arrests and facilitates users of any height.
While the bathroom and living room approach the democratization of height through excess, the bedroom offers both physical sanctuary and mental sanctuary from the chaos of interaction. This is accomplished by approaching the problem with a near ascetic removal of elevation, and places everyone on the most attainable and accessible elevation: the floor.

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