Project Responsibilities 
•  Oversaw project from first concepts to final manufacture and delivery
•  Evaluated, selected manufacturers in China
•  Defined brief and set aesthetic direction
•  Designed double-shot injection molded parts
•  Worked with manufacturer to define tolerances and adjust designs for manufacturability
•  Kept project within budget and on time
•  Spokesperson for product at a trade show and for instruction video
Noisy Clan wanted to create a giveaway item for trade shows that highlighted innovation and originality.
Weensy is a wallet-friendly, business card sized stand for loose paper. 
Core Considerations
1. Business Card-Sized
2. Low cost/high value
Business Card-Sized
Starting with an flat plane provided the main constraint for the design - it had to stay under 2mm thin and not have any features that could catch on the lip of a wallet slot.
A variety of approaches were explored, starting with multipart sheet metal designs and eventually culminating in the trifold design implemented.
Many prototypes provided valuable insight into the feasibility of this design - as we couldn’t rely on weight to provide a foundation the centre of mass had to be kept as central as possible.
Low cost/High Value
While Weensy needed to be low cost to produce it needed to maintain a high level of value in design and feel. 
Creative and inviting packaging was a cost-effective way to increase the value of a tradeshow item, especially relative to typical freebies.
We added a double shot process to:
1. Add soft touch-points
2. Provide friction between product and table
3. Add visual flair 

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