A personal project inspired by current trends towards re-issues of classic, iconic watches.
The goal was to create a watch of today. A time when time itself is available on every screen. I could not find a watch that was aware of this, and designed accordingly, so I propose this.
Core Considerations
1. The exact time is secondary
2. It should not be nostalgic
This prototype was my first attempt at 3D printing, so the learning curve was greater than just the watch.
The next iteration of the prototype focused on two things:
1. Refine the tolerances and sizes of various elements (front crystal, movement placement, etc.)
2. Prototype the strap connection
The strap connection further dissociates the watch from tradition.
The watch case becomes isolated from the connection to the wearer’s wrist.
This method of attaching the watch to the wrist also allows for a greater variety of straps, from traditional bands to bracelets and bangles
For on-wrist testing of fit and proportion traditional lugs were added.
Additionally, a flexible material was found for printing a strap to go along with the case.
With the printed case and strap made, the unit could be placed on multiple users' wrists to see how it adapts to the physical world
A more integrated approach to the lugs was also considered

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