Design and create functional prototypes of a watch that contributes to the landscape of square watches.
Core Considerations
1. Aesthetic expression
2. Construction

Aesthetic Expression
A key hurdle for every product is how it justifies the time, financial, and material resources it takes to make it. Thousands of watches already exist
The case design facilitates a purely rectilinear plan view - a celebration of the square.
The profile features many curved elements to transition the harshness of the square to the organic form of the wrist.

A variety of dial approaches were explored.
The chosen design introduces the concept of using negative space to form the hour indices. 

Dials are traditionally attached to the movement which is then held in a retainer ring within the case. 
By designing the case for the specific movement I was able to eliminate the retainer ring.
The face and case back are both screwed directly into the case through shared tapped holes, sandwiching the movement between
The peculiarities of printing for lost wax casting meant that several rounds of prototypes were needed to achieve a functional article.
Both material shrink and surface finish (raw vs polished) required exploration.

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